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Hairball awareness

Cats are excellent groomers, but sometimes they need a hand to stop hairballs causing health issues. Check out our blog to find out how you can help your feline with hairballs.

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Show your pet some love this valentines day & give chocolate a miss

Your pet might not appreciate your valentine's gifts as much as you do

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What does pet insurance cover?

If you decide to take out a pet insurance policy, depending on your chosen level of cover, there are many things it could help to protect your furry friend from. Here’s how pet insurance through Healthy Pets breaks down...

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Cat Insurance guide

Find out more about what cat insurance policies cover with Healthy Pets Insurance.

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Pets and the dangers of everyday foods

Novice pet owners entering their first festive season or Easter break with new furry family members need to be mindful of the dangers of chocolate, alcohol, nuts, and fruit.

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How to cut the cost of puppies and kittens

Kids bugging you for a new pet? Check out our blog for tips on how to welcome a furry friend without blowing your budget.

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Pet care in winter months

If it's cold outside, we’ll feel it – and our pets will too. However, as pet owners, we’ll find it's not only the cold weather we have to watch out for. Have a read of these tips and make sure your furry friend is happy and healthy in winter.

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Pet safety tips for Halloween and Bonfire Night

It may be the time of year when we humans enjoy all things spooky, but Halloween and Bonfire Night can be extremely stressful and scary for our pets. To help keep our furry friends safe, follow our tips.

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What your cat really gets up to

Many cat owners would love to find out what their cat gets up to when they're not around. These days, there are ways and means for them to find out!

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Pets in summer

To avoid heat distress and expensive vet visits, there’s plenty you can do to keep your pet cool, comfortable - and even alive - in a heatwave.

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Cat care in summer months

Ways to help keep cats happy and healthy during the warmer months.

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How to make your garden a happy place for your dog

Having your own area of land for you and your dog to explore is great. Dogs love to run and play in their back gardens, but owners should make sure it’s a safe space for them first. If you’re wondering where to start, here's our guide...

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Ticks on cats and dogs: what you need to know

Ticks can transfer a whole host of diseases, so it’s important to know how to spot them and remove them. Learn how to protect your pet.

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Pet Theft Awareness Day - Do you have cover if the worst happens?

Pet Theft Awareness Week (14th – 21st March) is an annual event to raise awareness and educate pet owners about pet theft.

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Can your pet pay their way?

With a country obsessed with its fur babies, the call for animal celebrities grows! The opportunity for your pet to make an income has arrived.