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One in three pets need vet treatment each year. If your pet is unwell, we will be there.

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Healthy Pets is an independent cat insurance specialist who understands that your cat isn't just a pet, but a special part of your family who means the world to you.

As we know cats are independent and inquisitive creatures and their nature can sometimes lead them into scrapes and bumps. This may result in them needing veterinary treatment which can be stressful to both cats and owners.

Getting your cat back to full health can be costly in unexpected situations, so taking out a cat insurance policy with Healthy Pets can provide you with that extra peace of mind whilst your cat is roaming around enjoying themselves!

We believe that cats need looking after like a proper family member and if the worst happens that they fall ill or become injured, you are protected and assured by Healthy Pets.

Our cat insurance covers your cat's vet fees for illness and injury up to 7,500 and is available from the age of 6 weeks. We take the hassle away by paying the vet directly and offer a 20% discount for all of our new clients. Healthy Pets have competitive premiums from Pet Specialists and provide ongoing cover for eligible new illness.

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