How do we compare

How Does Our Pet Insurance Compare?

Healthy Pets continually check their annual pet insurance premiums against those of other pet insurers to ensure that their policyholders receive good value for money.

Below is a table comparing Healthy Pets Gold Cover policy with similar policies from three other major pet insurers.

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Breed Healthy Pets Gold Pet Emporium 4Paws Tesco Extra
Cover Type Maximum Benefit Maximum Benefit Maximum Benefit Maximum Benefit
A Medium Crossbreed

0yr, Male, Neutered, purchase price £50



£207.84 £458.44 £397.08
Yorkshire Terrier

1 year old un-neutered female, purchase

price £300



£198.12 £343.16 £162.36

1 year old neutered male, purchase price £50

price £50



£131.88 £280.12 £206.04
British Shorthair

0 year old un-neutered female, purchase price £250

price £50



£144.36 £240.51 £158.88

Data taken online 19/08/2020. Postcode used GU32 3QF.

Healthy Pets insurance covers your pet for vet fees if they are treated for injury or illness including ongoing treatments. Healthy Pets is an award winning online pet insurance provider based in the UK, that focuses exclusively on cat insurance and dog insurance. It consistently offers the most competitive prices, and has amongst the highest customer satisfaction ratings.

Insurance comparison websites may not show the benefits that pet insurance companies offer in their policies.  Make sure that you check any comparison carefully to ensure that your pet is adequately covered.

Healthy Pets Insurance Benefits

  1. Vet Fees for Illness and Injury up to £7,500
  2. Six levels of cover from Accident Only to Maximum Benefit to Lifetime re-instatement
  3. Competitive premiums
  4. Pet Specialists & Prompt Claim Payments
  5. Ongoing Cover for Eligible New Illnesses
  6. Advertising and Reward
  7. Overseas travel and Holiday cancellation cover
  8. Cover for herbal medicines and specialist veterinary referrals
  9. Pets accepted from the age of 5 weeks
  10. Immediate cover online

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