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Medium Mongrel Under 1 year old, neutered male, purchase price £50
Healthy Pets Gold
Max Benefit is 7500
Sainsbury's Premier
Max Benefit is 7500
PDSA Premier
Max Benefit is 5000
Max Benefit is 7000
Healthy Pets Pet Insurance
With a Maximum Benefit of 7500.

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Pet Insurance Reviews and Testimonials

Unless you're a "pet parent", you can't really appreciate just how much a part of the family a pet is, and just how much you care about their wellbeing.

I launched Healthy Pets Insurance because I had a pet - and still have - but didn't feel at the time that there was a Pet Insurance product out there that really tuned in to pet owners, and the emotions that go along with having a cat or a dog in the household.

Our team all have pets. So they understand the passion and concern that pet owners have.

Judging by the testimonials and comments - of which we are extremely proud - it appears that we've shown that level of care, not by claiming it, but by demonstrating it.

Here are just a few: