Healthy Pets and Woodland Carbon Neutral

We're not just Healthy-Pets - we try to be healthy-as-much-as-we-can. With that in mind, we try to do our bit to keep the planet healthy by partnering the Woodland Trust, and ensuring the paper we use in our offices is Woodland Carbon Neutral.

Few businesses are able to be completely green because some essential facilities and energy sources are not as efficient as they could be, but we are perhaps better than some - with a modern building, lean workforce, and an approach that means we do things faster and more efficiently.

We generate as little printed material as we can, although Woodland Carbon Neutral paper means what little we do use has as little impact as possible on the environment.

Our efforts to limit our impact upon the environment actually started back in 1996, our founding year: by being one of the first online insurers in any sector we were efficient from the outset.

Efficiency means speed, and speed means less time drawing on energy resources - or doing more for every unit of energy we consume.

And that helps keep our relationships with both customers and environment as healthy as we can.

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