Your Dog and Your Garden

Dog Labrador Retriever Park

Having a piece of land for you and your dog to play in is great. Here are some simple questions to start with.

  • Can your four legged friend escape?
  • Is the fencing in good condition? Not too sharp or rusty?
  • Are they high enough or even low enough?

Putting some height extensions on the top or using some chicken wire to cover gaps at the bottom.

If you are a flower fanatic here are some things to think about for your dog’s safety.

There are so many plants out there that can be poisonous for your pooch. Before you go out and pick up any plants, make sure you research to check our list of plants toxic for dogs (PDF 408KB).

If you have cats at home, here's our list of plants poisonous for the kitties (PDF 411KB).

What pesticides do you use? You shouldn't use any if you have a pooch. They are always unsafe in areas where your dog might be.

Make sure that any potting soil or soil conditioner doesn't have any cocoa in it.

Make sure you are checking regularly for mushrooms and other fungi. These can be poisonous as well. If you have a veggie plot, think about fencing it off as mushrooms will grow in the damp soil.

If you have a lot of land and have fox tails growing from the grass, remove them as soon as possible. They get everywhere and it's an expensive or painful procedure to get them from your dog's eyes, nose and mouth.

If your garden backs on to a road or pavement keep your eye out for debris passers-by might throw over your fence. This could be anything from balls down to bottles and even cigarette butts.

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