Pet Care in the Winter Months

Dog Welsh Border Collie Snow

If it's cold outside, it won't be just you who feels it. However for some of us, it's not just the cold weather we have to watch out for. Have a read of these tips and make sure your pet-pal is OK for the winter.

Would a jacket help?

When you leave the house you take your coat with you don't you? Don't forget your dog's jacket too. It's also worth noting, if they are outside pets, make sure you provide them with a dry shelter which is out of the wind.

Check the water bowl!

Keep an eye on drinking bowls. Ice drinks are nice but not if they are solid. Make sure your pet's drinking water hasn't frozen over.

Frost biting your pets.

Frosting can be a serious issue in extreme temperatures. Give your pets the once over especially for paws, tips of tails, and ears. This makes it even more important in keeping your pet warm, especially if they're an outdoor pet.

The deadly drink.

Don't let your pets drink from puddles. This can be very serious.

At this time of the year there can be a lot of antifreeze in these pools. If your dog starts acting "drunk" or convulsing take them to the vet immediately.

Tap the bonnet.

A car motor is a nice warm place to rest for a cat this time of the year. Tap the bonnets before you get in to wake up any unsuspecting kitty.

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