Hairball Awareness Day

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Grooming your cat may not seem like much but cats are fastidious groomers and as such are at risk of developing hairballs. Kittens are groomed constantly by their mothers and any cat owner will confirm that their pet doesn't wait too long between washes.

So, what's the problem? Whilst self-grooming is perfectly normal and some cats won't experience issues, hairballs can form in the stomach and intestines which cause further health issues. From minor symptoms, such as coughing or vomiting, to serious conditions which require extensive treatment, it's best to help your cat along with their grooming routine.

Most at risk for suffering with hairballs are longer-haired cats as the more fur they have, the more there is to shed and ingest. Of course, some cats may love a helping hand whilst others may not be so welcoming. Starting a routine whilst your pet is young kick-starts a great habit that will assist in your pet's general health and can be enjoyable for you and your cat to spend some quality time together.

Any serious concerns over your pet’s coat, such as large knots or mats, or symptoms they are showing should be checked with your vet.

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