Pet care in winter months

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If it's cold outside, we’ll feel it – and our pets will too. However, as pet owners, we’ll find it's not only the cold weather we have to watch out for. Have a read of these tips and make sure your furry friend is happy and healthy in winter.

Treat them to a jacket or two

When you leave the house you take your coat with you, don't you? Don't forget your dog's jacket too! When it’s chilly outside, your best friend deserves to be warm and dry on their walks. Whatever the elements decide to throw at them, keep your dog feeling snug and looking stylish with a coat. From knitted jumpers to water resistant padded jackets, there’s an item of dog clothing to suit all weathers.

If you have outside pets, it’s also important to make sure you provide them with a dry, warm shelter which is out of the wind.

Check the water bowl!

Keep an eye on your pet’s drinking bowls. Ice drinks are nice, but not if they are solid. Make sure your pet's drinking water hasn't frozen over. Many pet shops sell heated water bowls, which could prove to be a game-changer in winter.

Be careful in frosty weather

Frost can be a serious issue in extreme temperatures. Give your pets the once over regularly, especially their paws, tips of tails, and ears. It’s very important to keep your pet nice and cosy, especially if they live outdoors. Ways to keep your pet warm include dressing them in pet-specific clothing, giving them plenty of shelter, and insulating their kennels. Keep your pet as dry as possible and opt for shorter walks if you’re taking them out.

The dangerous drink

Don't let your pets drink from puddles. They can be full of harmful bacteria, chemicals, parasites, litter, and bugs. Ingesting such things can cause pets serious harm, resulting in an unplanned and worrisome trip to the vets.  

At this time of the year, there can also be a lot of antifreeze in these pools of water. If your dog appears ‘drunk’, uncoordinated, or starts convulsing, take them to the vet immediately.

Tap the bonnet

Cats often think that a car’s engine bay is a nice, safe, and warm place to rest at this time of the year. Tap your bonnet before you get in the car to wake up any unsuspecting kitty.

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