Can I take my dog on holiday abroad?

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In all the excitement of booking a getaway, it’s easy to focus on things like planning excursions, buying your currency, and updating your holiday wardrobe. Things that can sometimes slide down the list of priorities include making sure your travel insurance is in place. Plus, if you’re taking your four-legged friend with you, their pet insurance will need to cover them for journeys abroad too. 

Don’t get caught out

Plenty of pet owners fall into a false sense of security and believe their pets are covered for holidays abroad when they’re not. Veterinary care in Europe is at least as good as it is here in the UK but, just like at home, it costs if your pet needs treatment while you’re away.

Many UK-based pet insurers will provide cover for foreign treatment or accident cover, but it pays to check your policy before travelling. Whilst expense is sometimes secondary to ensuring your pet gets the treatment they deserve for an illness or injury, it will become a consideration, and cover abroad isn’t always a standard feature of pet insurance.

A broken bone or injury suffered abroad can cost several times the price of your holiday in vets fees. With that in mind, it could be worth reviewing your pet insurance policy and making sure you’re happy with what it can offer if something were to happen during your holiday.

Travelling abroad with a Healthy Pets insurance policy

Through Healthy Pets, you’ll find a range of pet insurance policies you can choose between. Most policies do include overseas travel, except for Accident Only cover. 

PolicyHoliday CancellationOverseas Travel 
Accident Only XX
BronzeX30 days
Silver£50030 days 
Gold£2,00012 months 
Extra£50030 days
Premier£2,0006 months 


Overseas travel durations vary between policies, so it’s up to you to decide which level of cover would suit any holiday plans which fall within your period of insurance. If including holiday cancellation cover is a necessity for you, then our Silver, Gold, Extra or Premier cover levels might be able to offer the level of protection you would like.

Happy travelling with Healthy Pets

Leaving stress behind is all part of the holiday experience, and we’re here to try and help you do just that. We focus exclusively on Cat Insurance and Dog Insurance so, if you have plans to holiday with your dog, we might have just the policy to suit you and your furry travel companion.

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