How to cut the cost of puppies and kittens

puppy and kitten

In many households, kittens and puppies often sit at the very top of children’s birthday and Christmas lists. Thinking of welcoming a new furry friend? Always remember that a pet is for life. When the kids ask for a puppy or kitten, they might not understand what costs are involved, or that a dog will need walking every day. So, make sure you’re prepared before taking on a new pet.

Choose wisely

Many celebrities put their pets in the limelight, which means they often become just as famous as their A-list owners. Seeing designer dogs and coiffed cats on TV and in films inevitably makes puppies and kittens desirable to our kids.

Breeds favoured by the stars are undoubtedly cute, but they can be incredibly expensive to buy and look after. If you’re considering bringing home a new furry friend, they don’t have to be a pure breed to make a loyal, loving companion. What’s more, vet bills for cross-breeds can be a fraction of those for pure breeds.

The ‘ahh’ factor

If you hear whispers of whiskers or wagging tails, you can make their wish come true without putting your life savings into it. The trick is to find a furry friend that’s cute in more ways than one. Make sure you go for the aah-factor, and get your loved ones nose-to-nose with the cutest mongrel pup or moggie kitten you can.

The best place to start?

Find your nearest Cats Protection or Dogs Trust unit, or head to an independent adoption centre. Not only can you save money by visiting a rehoming charity, you can also offer the chance of a loving home to a canine or feline that may have had a rough start to life, or been put up for adoption after losing a devoted owner.

Before long, you’ll find the one and welcome a mongrel pup or cross-breed kitten to your family. Insurance costs and future vets bills are likely to be a fraction of those associated with a pedigree or pure-breed.

Peace of mind with Pet Insurance

Healthy Pets, an award-winning online insurer, focuses exclusively on Cat Insurance and Dog Insurance. Healthy Pets can offer a range of policies from Accident Only and Maximum Benefit to Lifetime, with the aim of helping customers find cover that may suit them and their pet.

Our cover can be offered for pets from five weeks old and can include vet fees for illness and injury up to £7,500, as well as ongoing cover for eligible new illnesses.

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Cat Insurance

There are a number of good reasons to take out a cat insurance policy.


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There are a number of good reasons to take out a Kitten Insurance Policy.

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