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Why do I need Cat Insurance?

Pet Insurance for cats can help insure against the unknown and give you peace of mind should your pet become sick or have an accident. The policy may also offer other benefits, such as cover for advertising costs if your cat goes missing.

Veterinary fees can quickly mount, and having a Cat Insurance policy may help cover the costs of an injury or illness. Keeping your cat in good health year-round is still important, this includes making sure they have a balanced diet, annual vaccinations, and regular check-ups with your vet. However, a Cat Insurance plan can help prepare for the unexpected, just in case.

What does my Cat Insurance cover?

Healthy Pets can offer six different levels of cover, so finding the right one for you and your cat is paramount. These range from Accident Only cover and Maximum Benefit policies to Lifetime policies, so you can find the policy to suit your needs.

Our insurance policies can cover the following items

Veterinary Fees

Depending on the policy chosen, Cat Insurance covers veterinary bills for illness and injury up to the policy limit in each year, or for the lifetime of your pet (please note that Accident Only excludes illness cover).

Advertising and Reward Costs

If your cat goes missing, your insurance could have cover for advertising materials and an authorised reward to help get them back to you as quickly as possible. Excluded from Accident Only and Bronze Maximum Benefit policies.

Cattery Fees

If you, or a member of your household, is hospitalised for more than four consecutive days and no one can look after your cat, your policy may include cover for cattery fees. Excluded from Accident Only and Bronze Maximum Benefit policies.

Holiday Cancellation Costs

If your cat requires life-saving surgery within seven days of your departure date, and you have to cancel or curtail your holiday as a result, your policy may include cover for holiday cancellation charges. Excluded from Accident Only and Bronze Maximum Benefit policies.

Overseas Travel

If your cat doesn't mind travelling with you, your Healthy Pets policy can include cover to travel abroad within the EU as part of the Pet Travel Scheme. Excluded from Accident Only policies.

To find out more about which level might suit your cat best, get a quote with Healthy Pets. 


How much will it cost to insure my cat?

Cat Insurance policies are based on several factors which can affect the price that can be offered, these include but are not limited to:

Cat Breed

Pedigree or pure-bred cats are at a higher risk from specific injuries and illnesses, so the premium can be higher for these breeds.


As your cat gets older, they are more likely to suffer from age-related illnesses, however, young cats aren't out of the woods completely as they may roam further afield and injure themselves as a result.

Level of Cover

The policy level chosen will affect the price that can be offered. A lower veterinary fee limit and fewer additional benefits will mean the premium offered is less than a policy covering a high veterinary fee limit and more additional benefits.

When will you not insure my cat?

We cannot cover any conditions which your pet has had symptoms of, or received treatment, medication, or advice from a vet for, at any time prior to the policy. Any illness or condition (not accident) arising prior to, or within the first 10 days of the inception date of your Pet Insurance, will not be covered. This will not affect your premium and there is no small print catch with Healthy Pets.

Similarly, the policy is to insure against accidents or illnesses and does not cover routine or preventative treatments such as worming, spaying/neutering, flea treatments, or vaccinations.

Healthy Pets cannot insure new cats aged 13 or over at the time of the quotation. However, if your cat is insured with us, we will continue to insure them regardless of their age, subject to you renewing your policy with us and premiums being paid up to date.

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Healthy Pets' friendly team can help you find the right policy for you and your cat. Call for a quote on 01730 450 188 or get a quote online.

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