Bringing a new dog home?

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If you’re welcoming a new furry member to your family soon, it will feel as strange for them as it will for you. To make sure that the process of introducing your new dog is a safe and enjoyable one, follow our tips. 

Keep electricals out of reach

Younger dogs could still be teething, which will mean they’ll like to chew things. If you have lots of electricals in the room, it might be safer to remove them for the time being. You don’t want your dog chewing on a wire, especially if it is plugged in!

Store candles in a safe place 

If you like to light candles, make sure they are kept out of the way so they’re less likely to be knocked over by your dog. Perhaps keep them on your mantlepiece, a windowsill, or anywhere that’s well out of reach of those paws.

Check your cleaning cupboard

Are your cleaning products pet safe? Everything from carpet cleaners to loo sprays should be checked for any pet safety warnings. If there are no warnings on the labels, try contacting the manufacturer. If you’re not sure, it’s best to look for new products. Check pet shops for non-toxic household cleaning solutions which are safe to use around animals.

Remove tags and labels within your dog's reach

If you have any pillows, cushions, throws, or furniture with plastic tags on, they’ll become attractive toys which are potentially hazardous to puppies. They can cause intestine blockages which can be fatal. Check your home for such tags before bringing home a new puppy or older dog, that way you’ll know they’re safe from harm.

Gather the supplies you'll need 

  • Collar & ID tag
  • Harness and lead
  • Food and water bowls
  • A bed
  • Toys
  • A crate or pet playpen
  • Dog Insurance – not mandatory, but good for peace of mind

Create a routine

A bit of forward planning goes a long way. Decide between you who will walk the dog and when? When will they be fed? Where will they sleep overnight? Will any areas of the house be off limits to your new dog? Having these conversations will make sure the whole family presents a united front when it comes to the dog’s schedule.

Almost ready for your new dog to arrive?

It’s a good idea to bring home your new dog at the weekend, or at a point when you know you can stay home for a few days. Then you’ll be able to get to know your dog and spend some quality time together. It’s the perfect opportunity to implement your planned routine and build trust with your four-legged friend. There’s no need to rush them into anything. Take your time and make sure there’s an element of consistency to each day, as that will help your new dog to settle in.

If you do need to leave them home alone at any point in those first few weeks, make sure you give them a treat-filled toy or a puzzle food bowl to keep them distracted.

Be mindful of smoking around your new dog

Smokers should remember to dispose of all cigarette butts. Second hand smoke is also detrimental to your dog’s health. Make sure that, when you light up, your dog is well out of sight. It may be a good idea to smoke outside, but only when there’s somebody else around who can keep an eye on your furry friend.

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