Crufts in Numbers

Dog Jack Russell Show

The UK's vets have chosen dogs as their perfect pet, according to a survey of Britain's veterinary surgeons. Man's best friend came out on top in the questionnaire which was carried out by, with 66 per cent of vets keeping them as pets.

But cats shouldn't feel too left out as they came a close second with 63 per cent of those surveyed choosing to keep felines. In third place, with a much lower percentage, were fish with only 18 per cent of vets having them as pets. Lowest of all, in eighth, were birds, with six per cent of those surveyed saying they had them.

Another finding of the survey was the high percentage of rescue cats and dogs that vets rehome. Of course, being natural animal carers, around half of cats that vets keep (44 per cent) and 75 per cent of dogs came from rescue centres.

Caroline Watt, veterinary surgeon at Blue Cross, spoke about rescue animals, stating: "They can make fantastic pets and you'll be giving a deserving animal a second chance in life."

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