Can your Pet Pay their Way?

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There have been a lot of developments within the pet world in recent times. Did you know you can get a prenuptial agreement which includes your pet (Pet-nup)??

With a country obsessed with its fur babies, the call for animal celebrities grows! Grumpy cat leading the way. The opportunity for your pet to make an income has arrived.

Many animals already feature as the main part of brand recognition: think of Labrador puppies for Andrex,and Old English sheepdogs for Dulux.

Companies are looking to make the most out of the emotional value animals can bring to their name. These advertising campaigns aren't cheap.

The chance for you to live with a celebrity is most definitely here. There are various animal actor agencies already established, some with a free sign up and some with an annual membership.

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Protecting your famous pet

With stardom calling, the time for pet insurance is becoming more essential. The last thing you need with your famous fur baby is vet bills reaching into the thousands.

There are four types of insurance:

  1. Basic insurance
  2. Time limited
  3. Maximum benefit
  4. Lifetime cover

There are also ways of bringing down the cost of your policy with a decent diet. This ranges from proper meals to tips and treats, some relating to hidden things to more visual ailments such as skin allergies.

Did you know that most insurance policies will cover some costs for complementary treatments such as acupuncture and homeopathy?

Peace of mind with our pet insurance

Our cover can be offered for pets from six weeks old and can include vet fees for illness and injury up to £7,500, as well as ongoing cover for eligible new illnesses.

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Cat Maine Coon Grey
Can your Pet Pay their Way?

With a country obsessed with its fur babies, the call for animal celebrities grows!

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