Are you sure your dog is insured for foreign travel

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Holidaying with your dog?
Check your insurance provides cover.

Healthy Pets Insurance, believes around half of dogs taken on holiday may be travelling without pet insurance, with many owners believing they have cover they actually don't.
"Veterinary care in Europe is at least as good as in the UK - but, like the UK, it costs if your pet needs treatment while abroad," said Mark Effenberg, CEO of Healthy Pets Insurance.

"Most UK-based pet insurers provide foreign treatment or accident cover, but it is worth checking for certain before travelling.

"While expense is secondary to ensuring a pet gets the best possible treatment through illness or injury abroad, it will become a consideration at some point.

"A broken bone, or, Heaven-forbid, injuries sustained in a road accident, can cost thousands of Euros - often several times the price of the holiday."

Healthy Pets Insurance is quite possibly the original online pet insurer, launched in 1996, and which sold its first policies online in 1997, a year before Google was founded. It now has tens of thousands of customers, and policy purchases increasing fast. 

Healthy Pets is an award winning online pet insurance provider based in the UK, that focuses exclusively on cat insurance and dog insurance. Healthy Pets can cover a range of policies from Accident Only, Maximum Benefit, and Lifetime to help customers find a policy to suit them and their pet.

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