All Action Whippets are Britain's Clumsiest Dogs

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All action canines can cost up to ten times as much in vet bills as small "lapdog" breeds, with high-speed whippets being the clumsiest.

"Dogs generally fall into several categories when it comes to injury-risk behaviour - fast, loopy, unadventurous and just-cant-be-bothered," said Mark Effenberg, founder of cat insurance and dog insurance.

"Whippets, lurchers and greyhounds generally have two speeds: stopped or flat out. Dizzy dogs such as Springer Spaniels are generally not spatially aware with consequential damage to both themselves and property; small breeds - other than Jack Russells - are usually more noise than action, and the likes of labradors, bassets and bulldogs just can't be bothered with it all - unless they're running up a bill for eating stuff they really shouldn't be chomping on."

Common dog insurance claims

Around 24% of claims made by whippet owners result from vet visits arising from dogs running into something at high speed, or falling off things like garden furniture. Lurchers follow closely on 23%.

Springer Spaniels, at 8% of claims down to self-induced injury, have different types of accident more often arising from being boisterous rather than through high-speed impacts.

The dog least likely to cause itself injuries? The Bichon Frise.

"Bichon Frises are not known as an all-action dog, and have a particular talent at generating expressions of bemusement when invited to engage in anything approaching dynamic behaviour," said Mark Effenberg.

Peace of mind with dog insurance

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