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What does pet insurance cover?

If you decide to take out a pet insurance policy, depending on your chosen level of cover, there are many things it could help to protect your furry friend from. Here’s how pet insurance through Healthy Pets breaks down...

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Cat Insurance guide

Find out more about what cat insurance policies cover with Healthy Pets Insurance.

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Pets and the dangers of everyday foods

Novice pet owners entering their first festive season or Easter break with new furry family members need to be mindful of the dangers of chocolate, alcohol, nuts, and fruit.

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Cat Insurance

There are a number of good reasons to take out a cat insurance policy.


Dog Insurance

Our dog insurance policies can pay up to £7,500 as standard for conditions, and offer third-party liability cover up to £1 million as standard.


Puppy Insurance

We can offer pet insurance for puppies from five weeks old. Protect your young dog with our cover today: get a quote online.