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Healthy Pets Insurance - Company Information

Healthy Pets Insurance was founded in 1996 by Mark Effenberg, as Chief Executive of a pet-loving business insuring the UK's cats and dogs. Today, Healthy Pets, which was founded before Google, is an established participant in the £1 billion-plus UK pet insurance market.

Decades on, the fact that we are a leader in online insurance and know how pet owners think gives Healthy Pets Insurance, as of 2017 part of The Atlanta Group of companies, a distinct advantage. We talk cats and dogs, and we truly understand that pets really are members of the family.

Because we are efficient, agile and specialist, and we know pets and their needs from our own experience, Healthy Pets has one of the highest renewal rates in the pet insurance industry because, in our view, whether it's the opening contact or dealing with a complex claim, we know how important it is not just to hear our customers, but to listen to every woof and meow.

Mark has always been a dog owner, and it was his experiences as a "pet parent" back in the mid-1990s that caused him to establish Healthy Pets Insurance - for the simple reason that he could not find an insurer at the time who truly understood the bond between a dog and its owner, and, speaking to friends, he found it was much the case with cats too.

We know how important your pet is to you

This is how we work and offer cover: Healthy Pets Bronze, Silver and Gold cover will keep paying out until you reach the monetary limit of your policy, providing, of course, payments are kept up to date and renewed each year. We offer up to £7,500 per illness or injury.

Our Accident Only cover takes care of claims involving precisely that: accidents only.

Our re-instatement policies will re-instate themselves each year to ensure cover for ongoing conditions such as diabetes that started once you had the policy.

Any questions, we're happy to help

Healthy Pets is 100% underwritten. Clients are looked after by friendly pet-owning staff, specialising in dog insurancecat insurancekitten insurance and puppy insurance.