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Jet-petting - travelling with your pet

We all know how much of a joy taking a holiday can be. Itís a chance to travel to new places and discover different cultures and experiences. But not all of us look forward to taking a holiday with the same gusto as everyone else does Ė for many pet owners, it means they are forced to leave their loved ones behind whilst they travel to different places without them. Without the companionship of their best friend, many people end up having a nagging doubt in their mind worrying about the member of their family they left behind.
Up to ten years ago, bringing a dog or cat into the country meant a visit to immigration that can last up to six months to guard against dangerous and highly contagious diseases such as rabies, foot and mouth, mad cow, avian flu and SARS. For pets and their owners alike this proved to be a traumatic experience. These days however, thanks to the invention of a pet passport, thankfully that is a thing of the past...

For sure, taking a pet abroad still isnít as easy as some would like, but with a little bit of careful planning, you will find the process is not as complicated as you may first think. For obvious reasons, there are rules and regulations that you must abide by if you are planning on taking your cat or dog abroad with you on your travels or relocation.
Just as you need a passport when you go travelling, so does your pet. You can obtain a pet passport for a dog, cat or ferret from your local veterinaries and these are valid for the rest of their lives. The vet will make sure your pets vaccinations are up to date and are guarded against disease. They will also issue identification microchips where needed that contain important information about them. The passports allow you to freely move your pet around EU member countries.
If you are looking to travel with any pet other than a dog, cat or ferret, or are looking to travel outside of the EU, then you will need to check with the regulations of your destination country to see if they will accept them. You will also be required to produce an International Certificate of Pet Health to show customs at boarder control.
It is not recommended to travel with a very young animal that is less than two months old. If it is imperative that you do, then you must be prepared to sign an agreement, and isolate the kitten or puppy for 30 after it has been given its first vaccines.

Make sure your pet is fully insured for travelling abroad. The health of your pet is the most important issue to consider when travelling, and we cannot stress enough just how vital it is to have travel pet insurance set up for them. If the worst does happen, then the peace of mind that pet insurance brings cannot be valued enough. Your pet insurance broker should be able to arrange this for you, but if they donít, then simply shop around as there are plenty of agents who will.

Check ahead and be sure that your destination will be pet-friendly. Will your dog be allowed to stay in the hotel room with you? Do they have appropriate facilities to cater for pets? Make this a part of your travel planning, and you can be sure to avoid any unpleasant surprises when set out on your holiday.

Much as with suitcases and baggage, your pet must also be checked in and taken onboard the airplane for their journey. It goes without saying that it is vital that you do everything you can to look after them, including making sure they are as comfortable as possible and have enough food and water for the flight ahead. Bear in mind that an airline may refuse to take an animal if they are sickly or feeling unwell.

When you do arrive at your destination, be aware that animals can suffer from jetlag just as much as people can. They may need their body clocks adjusting slightly, so make sure you take that into consideration before you begin any long expeditions out into the country or heading out on any excursions.
Above all else, treat this as a real holiday. After all this careful planning and meticulous attention to details, it is time to unwind and take time out from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. Enjoy Ė the memories will last a lifetime!

Why not take the stress out of planning your holiday now, by setting up cat insurance and dog insurance.

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