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PetTread is the latest treadmill on the block, designed to give exercise to out of shape cats and dogs. We are all aware of the health risks of being overweight as humans, but how much attention do you pay to your pets weight?
Animal obesity can cause various different problems such as diabetes, cancers, heart disease and many more. So it is important that we all take measures to keep our pets in shape, even if we cant exercise them outdoors.

The PetTread design was launched on Kickstarter on May 13th and requires $110,000 to turn their prototype into a product. The concept of the treadmill came from the personal experiences of John Gosson (Creator) and his overweight cat, Noonie.

Noonie had firstly been given a change of diet to help with her weight loss, which subsequently made her sleepy and stopped progress. Gosson decided to use his experience as an electrical engineer to design a product to help Noonies health.

The treadmill that resembles a giant hamster wheel was originally designed with cats in mind, but can also handle small- medium sized dogs too. PetTread incorporates various features such as:-

 15- minute time limit.
 Kill switch that shuts of the treadmill if the pet stops walking.
 Under bed storage.
 Plan to incorporate Bluetooth and USB connections.

Unfortunately the product is not yet available on the market until the money has been raised on Kickstarter. For those who pledge $200 or more will receive one of the finished products.
So what do you think? Would you invest in a PetTread treadmill?

Image by Maweejik LLC

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