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For humans the warmer weather means more time spent outside enjoying the sunshine, but for pets the heat can bring on a potential injuries and illnesses. It is important that we take this into consideration and follow some simple prevention steps:-

  • NEVER leave pets in hot cars. Even if you are tempted to leave them for a couple of minutes with the window open dont! Temperatures can rise extremely quickly therefore it could lead to fatal heatstroke.
  • Allow your pet access to fresh clean water all of the time and ensure it is changed throughout the day.
  • Trim and brush fur that is long or prone to be matted to prevent overheating.
  • Take your dog for a walk early morning or in the evening. Temperatures of pavements/ surfaces and sand can burn your pets paws during the heat of the midday sun.
  • Paddling pools filled with cold water in the shade can provide pets with relief from the heat.
  • Do not place pet beds/ hutches/ houses directly in the sun. Move them to a shaded area and ensure that food has not gone off.
  • Do not feed BBQ scraps to your pets, it may be under cooked or upset their stomach.
  • Keep pets far away from fires and BBQs to prevent burns and digestion of lighter fluids/ fuels.

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