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May 2017.




Home-made dog biscuit flavour ice lollies may sound like the creation of an experimental Michelin-starred chef, but they could be a lifesaver for dogs this as spring heats up on the way into summer.


"A warm spring and hot summer can be a dream for humans, but for pets it can be a nightmare - with as little as ten minutes left alone in a parked car being fatal for some dogs, but even short journeys in non-air conditioned cars being not just uncomfortable, but potentially harmful for some breeds," said Mark Effenberg of pet insurer Healthy Pets.


"We still get reports from vets treating dogs suffering from heatstroke despite massive publicity warning owners about leaving their dog in a car in even mild heat. Things like home-made, favourite-flavoured, non-sweetened ice lollies kept in a cool box in the car can bring massive relief to dogs.


"Our research indicates that even with a window open, on a day when the  outside temperature is 85 degrees F (30 degrees C) - pretty common this summer - a car interior will still reach 102 degrees F (39 degrees C) within ten minutes of it being parked. Within 30 minutes it will have reached 120 degrees F (49 degrees C), which is about as hot as it gets anywhere in the world - a typical summer day in, say, Dubai.


"Certain dogs - boxers, bulldogs and pugs, for instance - cant cool themselves as fast as others because their short snouts can cause breathing difficulties.


"But the issue can be compounded by the humidity were getting in the UK this summer. Animals cool themselves by panting to get rid of humidity from their lungs - if the atmosphere is too humid, then they simply cant get rid of the heat. Many cars have air conditioning, but a lot dont, and even an open window during a journey on a humid day can be very uncomfortable for your dog.


"Even if the temperature may not be high, sometimes mild heat and high humidity can mean a dogs core temperature rises dangerously quickly. A dogs temperature should never rise above 104 degrees F."


Healthy Pets summer dog-care tips for car trips include obvious advice like taking plenty of water for your dog, as well as broader thinking such as dog-favourite flavour ice lollies, putting water-soaked bath towels in the cool box too, and to drape them over your hound if he or she is looking overheated.


Healthy Pets, is the biggest independent pet insurer in the UK, focussing exclusively on cats and dogs. It consistently offers the most competitive prices, and has amongst the highest customer satisfaction ratings.

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