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Cats are generally good at staying cool in the summer months. 

Sometimes you will find your cat relaxing in the shade, or others basking in the sunshine. 

Here are some summer tips for your kitty that will keep them purring during the warmer time of year.


If you are going away on holiday and your furry friend is staying in a cattery there are a few things that are worth noting before you go!

Before you check your cat into to the nearest cattery check that all of the staff treat the animals like you would. Are they nice and friendly and are you comfortable to leave your purpal with them? Did you have the opportunity to be taken on a tour of the Cattery? Is it available upon request? 

Once you are being shown around ask lots of questions. The staff member should also be asking you questions about your cat as well.

 When looking at the kitty kennels are they clean and tidy? Is their yesterdays dinner still hanging around in the cage or approximately when was the litter tray last cleaned. These are all things to look out for to make sure your cat is content while you are away. Also, keep an ear out. How loud is it? Sometimes if the cattery boards dogs as well how close are they? Is there lots of barking going on in the background? How does your cat get on with dogs? Would they be comfortable with a bit of barking in the distance?

When you are travelling to and from the cattery, make sure that your carrier is strapped in nice and safely. Don't let it roll around as it can be very distressing for them. Sometimes cats will like a blanket over the cage. This can be less distressing as well. 

In the build-up, if you have a bit of a drive to the kitty hotel why not start introducing the cat to the carrier first? Maybe putting it in the same room as the cats favourite room to start leaving some comfy blankets and the odd treat in there. If they want to go in for a nap let them. It will only make the journey less worrying for them.


If you are having a lazy summer pottering around in the garden and want some company. Why not plant some Catmint? It's easy enough to grow and cats love it!

If your cat is lighter in colour, be aware that sometimes they can be prone to sun burn, especially their ears! We recommend getting some cat safe sun block just in case. They will thank you for it!

One more tip, why not get an old towel and try running it under a tap and making it damp (not soaking!). If you lie this out in the shade, it will stay cool for them. If they want to lie down for a cool down this is a great place for them!

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