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11th December 2018

Don't risk out of hours fees - keep your pet away from the Christmas food or it will be more than Christmas which is ruined

The festive period is full of food, alcohol and merriment but this may not be the case if your pet gets in the store cupboard and eats something they shouldn't.   

We all love to indulge ourselves at this time of year and why not pass on the love to our fur-babies? Unfortunately, pets can't stomach all the same foods as us and many of them will be in abundance around Christmas. 

Avoid a trip to the out of hours vet (and a poorly pet to boot) by following Animed's list of foods to keep well out of the way this year (

  • Grapes and Raisins - "Grapes and raisins contain a toxin that can damage your cat or dog?s kidneys and liver. Don't forget that raisins are also a key ingredient in Christmas pudding, fruit cake and mince pies, so keep these away from your pet, too"
  • Nuts - "Aside from the fact that nuts can be a serious choking hazard for your pet (even if they chew them, the shells can get stuck in their throat), some nuts contain toxins that can be dangerous, especially to dogs. Macadamia nuts contain a toxin that can affect the functioning of your dog's digestive, muscle and nervous systems, resulting in weakness, breathlessness and swollen legs."
  • Alcohol - whilst you may not be able to picture your kitty wanting to have a sip of wine, make sure that even alcohol soaked foods are also kept out of reach
  • Turkey Bones - "turkey bones are hollow, which means they break easily. Not only does this mean your pet might choke, a splintered bone might cut your pet's insides."
  • Chocolate - this one shouldn't be any surprise for dog owners but cats are in just as much danger. "If you really do want to give your pet some chocolate this Christmas, buy them their own specially formulated cat or dog chocolate"

Don't let Christmas treats ruin your festive family time and maybe even treat them to a festive themed dinner of their own.  Pure Pet Food have created delicious Festive Feasts for your dog to enjoy without sacrificing their health or using traditional processed food.  Pure Pet Food create tasty, real food that your pet will love and their Christmas Treat Bundle for dogs includes yummy ?Meaty Sweeties? in Chicken & Coconut or Duck & Apple flavours.  Check out the full details of their offers for pet food with a difference .

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