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Pet insurance could be the product of 2014, with smaller insurers raking in customers as the big insurers back away from the market. 
David Seel, non-executive chairman of top performing independent pet insurer Healthy Pets Insurance says that he's not surprised the big beasts are shying away from cat and dog insurance in particular as a new breed of insurer moves in. 
"You have to go no further than stand outside the front door of virtually every big insurer: they have huge legacy costs in terms of buildings and other liabilities, and, for them, pet insurance is a low margin business because they simply can't chip their administration cost," he said. 
"Smaller insurers, and particularly those which are online-based, do not have the costs to worry about, but can provide an equal or even superior product, whether direct, or potentially as white label, affinity or partner products - we, for instance, can easily undercut big-name insurers considerably on direct sale premium prices.  
"Pet insurance is a 700 million market heading inexorably towards 1 billion. That's nothing for the big insurers, but creates vast potential for the smaller and newer insurance firms who can make good margins even on highly-competitive prices. 
"Healthy Pets is one of the original online pet insurers, having launched in 1997 - and with tens of thousands of customers, and policy purchases increasing fast, but, crucially, with minimised and optimised costs, there is inevitably a capability of providing high-quality insurance at highly competitive prices. 
"It's the low maintenance terrier running rings through the big dogs legs." 
Healthy Pets, an award winning online insurer, is the biggest independent pet insurance provider in the UK, focussing exclusively on cat insurance and dog insurance. It consistently offers the most competitive prices, and has amongst the highest customer satisfaction ratings. 

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Medium Crossbreed 0yr, Male, Neutered, pp £50
Healthy Pets Gold
Max Benefit
Pet Emporium
Max Benefit
Max Benefit
Tesco Extra
Max Benefit
Healthy Pets Pet Insurance
With a Maximum Benefit of £7500.

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