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Dust off those grooming brushes


We all love the change in seasons when the nights get longer and the leaves crunch underfoot. However, with autumn in full swing it's not long until Halloween or Bonfire Night which can put our pets in danger.

Veterinary care in Europe is at least as good as in the UK - but, like the UK, it costs if your pet needs treatment while abroad

In the UK, it seems unlikely, but a heatwave could always be just round the corner.

A warm spring and hot summer can be a dream for humans, but for pets it can be a nightmare

Prevention is better than cure: cure can cost thousands of pounds - we know, because we help pet owners foot the bill for treatment

Chocolate and fruit in Easter gifts can be fatal if eaten by most domestic cats and dogs - but its the shape and packaging of Easter Eggs that make them particularly dangerous


The cost of treatment - which we didn't hesitate to have done - cost more than the price of our weekend away. Purdu is now insured

If you are going away on holiday and your furry friend is staying in a cattery

Having a piece of land for you and your dog to play in is great.

If you have a new furry member of the family, it will be strange for them as it will for you.

If it's cold outside, it won't be just you who feels it.

So its that time of year again when we humans enjoy to be spooked, but it can be extremely stressful and scary for our pets.

The doggy-equivalent of human junk food - tasty but not good for them - is driving up both the weight of dogs and the cost of pet insurance

or humans the warmer weather means more time spent outside enjoying the sunshine, but for pets the heat can bring on a potential injuries and illnesses.

Floodwater which has overwhelmed some of the country's favourite dog-walking spots is a cocktail of risk for water-loving hounds

Pet owners taking out cat and dog insurance now are beating an imminent boom in the cost of vet bills...

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