Reptile Insurance

Reptiles have been around since the beginning of time, and command a fascination among many people. They can be long living and very much part of the family.              

Healthy Pets Insurance has teamed up with Exotic Direct insurance to provide peace of mind against those unexpected vet bills your Reptile may incur if it falls ill or gets injured. To ensure the best treatment, make sure you have pet insurance for your Reptile.




Reptile insurance to protect your pet

But for all the time we've known the species or our very own pet, they remain mysterious, which can be worrying when they appear off-colour.

Reptiles can be vulnerable to a range of conditions and illnesses and a 'cat and dog' treating vet may often struggle to treat a reptile. Specialist vets are usually needed to both identify and treat any problems. Without the right Reptile insurance that can mean quickly escalating veterinary costs so we have negotiated an exclusive 12% discount for you by using the promotional code HP12R.

Tailored Reptile Insurance

ExoticDirect are a reptile specialist with more than 20 years' experience, and, depending upon your pet, offer a range of policies.

There are three reptile insurance policies available:*

  • Vet Fee Cover for accidental injury or illness up to £1,000 per policy period, Death, Theft, and Weather perils cover.
  • Vet Fee Cover for accidental injury or illness up to £1,000 per policy period
  • Death cover from an accident, illness or accident, Theft, and Weather perils cover.

Get a Reptile Insurance quote

12% Exclusive Discount

We have negotiated an exclusive 12% discount on reptile insurance.

To secure your exclusive 12% discount - simply visit Exotic Directs reptile insurance page to obtain a quote and enter the promotional code HP12R.

This exclusive offer is available until 31st December 2020; subject to the Terms & Conditions. The offer is not valid on liability insurance.

*Subject to Policy Terms and Conditions. Please refer to the Policy documents.


Liability insurance for animals

Looking for liability Insurance?  Exotic Direct also offer:

  • Public Liability insurance for Animal Related Businesses
  • Employers Liability insurance for Animal Related Businesses
  • Dangerous Wild Animal Public Liability insurance
We truly understand that your reptile is a member of your family.

Mark Effenberg
Founder and CEO

To find out more about liability insurance you can visit Exotic Direct.

To get a quote, simply call: 0345 982 5505 and mention Healthy Pets.


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