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Labrador Name Ideas

Labradors are devoted dogs and make a great asset to any family home. Loveable and loyal, they have a great temperament which makes them fantastic dogs for children and animals that are already in the household.

They have plenty of energy, strongly built and highly intelligent which makes them excellent hunters with their exceptional sense of smell. However labs are not for everyone, with their strong build they can be hard to control without the correct training and are by no means good guard dogs as their friendly nature shows.

Labrador Name Ideas

Here are just a few names that we feel might suit a Labrador:
Baldric: Meaning "brave ruler" the name Baldric is a cute name for a really good watch dog.
Ringo: This cute Labrador Retriever name means "apple or peace be with you" in Japanese
Emma: The name Emma means "All-containing or universal"
Lexis: This cute Lab name is suitable for any adorable Lab pup.
Barley Unisex This dog with a beautiful beige coat just loves to eat grass
Tigger Unisex This dog will be very, very bouncy. Fun fun fun fun fun!
Raven:A fantastic name for the black dog that really enjoys poetry
Crusoe: This boy has mastered the art of patience and sympathy
Labrador insurance is available for from the age of 6 weeks. Applying for a quotation could not be easier simply click the button above, or telephone 01730 268 592.
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