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Pet Heath Tips

Healthcare for puppies and kittens

Once you have carefully chosen your new pet, your next step should be to ensure your home is both a fun and safe place for them to live. Here are a few tips that new owners of both kittens and puppies can follow to ensure that their new pet has the best start possible in life…
Make sure your home is pet-proof. By this we mean you should take care to ensure that any dangerous objects are out of harm’s way, young puppies and kittens are inquisitive and do not know that sharp objects can hurt yet!
Likewise, you should also take care to place any expensive items out of the reach of playful teeth and claws.

Harmful hazards around the house include…

Electrical wires
Breakable objects on tables and shelves
Rubber bands and string (which can be harmful if swallowed)
Cleaning products
Keep an eye on your puppy or kitten at all times. For the first few weeks of their life with you, you should pay special attention to them whilst they explore their new surroundings. Until they can be trusted in their new environment, it is wise to make sure your new puppy or kitten comes to no harm by straying somewhere they shouldn’t.
Get to know your new pet. As a puppy or kitten, the world is an unfamiliar place to them, and they are likely to be intimidated by their surroundings and people the meet. Help install confidence in them by spending a lot of time in their company, playing games and familiarising themselves with you.
As your new pet grows in confidence, the more you will be able to trust it to live in your home without running off or breaking anything. More importantly, early socialising means your pet is less likely to be suspicious or aggressive of people’s company.
Don’t forget to always think of safety first. Keep your vet’s number handy in case you should ever need it, and maybe most importantly of all, make sure you insure your pet as soon as possible.
Without the peace of mind good pet insurance brings with it, owning a kitten or puppy can prove to be a rather expensive exercise! Find out more information about kitten insurance and puppy insurance today!
Since 1997, Healthy Pets Pet Insurance has remained independent and specialist choosing to trade on the trust of its policyholders to gain one of the highest renewal rates in the industry.

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