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Pet Diet & Nutrition

Your Pets Diet

The health of your cat or dog is closely linked to their diet and the food you give them to eat. Whilst you must be careful not to overfeed them, you should also make sure that you given them plenty of food to suit their appetite and not underfeed them. Your pet has its own individual appetite, and you should govern their food intake based upon three factors – their size, age and how much energy they burn up each day. In addition, how much food they consume can also be affected by how tasty their diet is and individual feeding patterns.

If you exercise your pet regularly, make sure you always supply them with enough food to counteract how much energy they will burn. If your dog or cat reaches a certain age where they do not exercise as much, then you should be careful to cut their diet down accordingly. Both dogs and cats will eat excessively if given a chance, and if they have a particular brand of pet food that is their favorite, the chances are they will eat as much as you serve them simply because it tastes nice.

You should always consult the packaging for feeding recommendations on the instructions when you purchase pet food. Your vet will also be able to make recommendations as to how much to feed them if you are unsure.

There are two main types of food that you can feed your pet – ‘moist’ and ‘dry’. Whilst both food types provide complete nutritional  supplements for your pets diet, most pets prefer moist food (ie. from a can or sachet) and if you put them on a diet of dry food, you must make sure they have plenty of water available so they do not become too thirsty whilst eating it. On the flipside, it should be worth noting that dry foods will have the most benefit to cleaning your pet’s teeth. An ideal diet is a combination of both moist and dry food, and this has the additional benefit of providing them with all-important variety whilst they eat.

How many times you feed your pet depends upon their individual needs. Most owners feed them once or twice a day, depending upon their lifestyle. However, you can continually provide them with smaller meals spread out throughout the day, and by feeding them this way you always will find that they will beg for food less.

Pet treats are fine, and are a great way of rewarding your dog or cat, especially when training them. However, take care not to over feed them, as this can have the negative effect of putting them off their ‘main’ food. We recommend moderation in every teat you give them.

You should always consult your vet before making complete changes to your pets diet, and they will be able to advise on the best ways to implement these changes. Having good cat insurance and dog insurance can relieve the pressure of expensive vet bills whilst providing peace of mind.
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