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Medium Crossbreed 0yr, Male, Neutered, pp 50
Healthy Pets Gold
Max Benefit is 7500
Sainsbury's Premier
Max Benefit is 7500
PDSA Premier
Max Benefit is 5000
Max Benefit is 7000
Healthy Pets Pet Insurance
With a Maximum Benefit of 7500.

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Healthy Pets Carbon Emissions Assessment

Healthy Pets continually assess our carbon emissions to identify the tonnes of CO2 that result from our activities and processes..

Healthy Pets decided to offset the carbon emissions produced by investing in projects that result in an equivalent carbon saving.

Mark Effenberg, their Chief Executive stated 'whilst we acknowledge that carbon offsetting is not a 'cure' for climate change, it can help raise awareness and reduce the impact of our actions'. There are a small selection of companies who have met Government  standards to offset CO2 and Healthy Pets therefore offset their carbon emissions through Carbon Offsets Limited.

Staff have had a very positive attitude towards carbon reduction and energy efficiency.  Healthy Pets have also offered their staff the opportunity to work flexi time to enable those that can, the opportunity to use public transport to travel to and from work and the need to travel at peak times is reduced.

In July 2013, it was calculated that Healthy Pets carbon emissions were 18 tCO2e and this was off-set with the planting of 18 trees.

Offset History

Since 2007 we have commissioned an assessment to calculate the carbon emissions produced by the Company every twelve months and this has resulted in the following savings

July 2011- 2012 18 trees planted to offset 18 tCO2e

July 2010-2011 14 trees planted to offset 14 tCO2e

July 2008-2009 16 trees planted to offset 16.6 tCO2e

For this period Healthy Pets produced 16.6 tonnes of CO2 based on updated DEFRA conversion factors.  This indicates a reduction on a like-for-like basis of 0.4 tCO2e, due to reduced electricity consumption, despite an increase in staff members and business. Electricity consumption was 5% less during this period.

July 2007 2008 - after a thorough examination of the business it was calculated that for the twelve months to April 2007 Healthy Pets carbon emissions were 11.8 tonnes.