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Bengal Cat Name Ideas

The Bengal cat is a relatively new breed of cat that has a distinctive wild appearance with a gentle domestic cat temperament.
Early generations of Bengal cats are considered to be in the first 3 generations of cross breeding an Asian leopard cat with a domestic cat.
The first generation is referred to as an F1, the second an F2 and the third as an F3.  Any Bengal four generations or more away from their original heritage is considered as a domestic Bengal cat.
Healthy Pets Bengal Cat Names

Bengal Cat Name Ideas

Here are just a few names that we feel might suit a Bengal cat:
Ariela - Female derivative of lioness in Hebrew

Alisha – Means kind; of the noble sort
Cairo – The capital of Egypt
Farrah – Meaning good looking from the English word fair
Gami - God in Japanese
Inca – A Quechua word meaning king, lord, ruler.
Osiris – The name of an Egyptian god
Surayya – A girl’s name, meaning star in Arabic

Taz – originates from the Arabic meaning word “cup”

Tiger Lily – Taken from one of the most recognised flower in the lily family
Tora - Means Tiger in Japanese

Zeus – Named after the most expensive Bengal cat
Bengal Kitten insurance is available for from the age of 6 weeks. Applying for a quotation could not be easier – simply click the button above, or telephone 01730 268 592.
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